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Group Fitness

The point of our boot camp is to bring people together in the community to have fun and share a healthy life style.  There is no winner or loser! We work as a team to push one another to attain our highest potential.  We include  a variety of difficulty levels for all exercises that will support your level of fitness whether  you’re a beginner or  an advanced athlete.  Our classes take place in a local park in Cambridge, Ontario.  Everyone is welcome to join us!  We hope to hear from you soon!

Colin & Natasha

Keytones Fitness

Team Building

This boot camp is all about having fun, building a healthy community and spreading the word about health and fitness to anyone who wants to join in.  For all fitness levels and ages.  Lets build a healthy life style together! 

Support One Another

This is a group effort that always focuses on supporting one another during our workouts.  Nobody is left out as this is a TEAM effort! 

The Workouts

Here is an example of some of the exercises we will be tackling during our workout! We always switch up the exercises every week to keep things fresh, fun and challenging.  Lets get started! Send us a message and we will book a meet up soon!

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